Nonprofit Services

Nonprofit organizations (NPO) are, by definition, Purpose Driven Organizations.  They exist to effect positive changes in the lives of their clients and the communities they serve. Every NPO strives to create shared values that align its stakeholders (including clients, internal staff, investors and the community at large) to its specific mission and vision. 
 Common / Universal NPO Challenges

In the time we've spent working with NPOs and speaking with NPO leaders, we've been able to construct a brief list that we believe encompasses the common elements of the challenges most NPO leaders face: 
• Predictable / reliable funding stream(s):
– Diversify & reduce reliance on government funding
– Overhead vs. program costs (“Overhead Myth”)
– Increased competition for funding
• Pressure to document value:
– Inconsistent funder requirements
– Lack of support for capacity building, and                         measurement and reporting tools
– Charity “watchdog” ratings & reviews
• Optimize finite capacity and resources to achieve              mission and goals

The Right Services Delivered at the Right Time 

For many NPOs it makes the most sense to initially engage MASST to conduct our proprietary - Charity Watchdog Review. That may be all you need. The watchdog review tests your Charity Watchdog IQ and provides low cost, easy to follow steps to enhance your Charity Watchdog Profile.  MASST's review may also identify opportunities that should be addressed to improve how the organization measures and reports its own results.  If so, MASST's Connecting People, Purpose, Performance approach may be just what you need.