Charity Watchdog Review

Whether you call them watchdogs, raters or evaluators, they and their constituents are watching you.  Why should you care?  Because individual and institutional investors (funders, if you prefer) care and they are increasingly utilizing nonprofit watchdog / evaluation sites to validate their decisions about where to place their investments.  The watchdogs are evaluating your organization based on information you provide in your IRS 990 filings and on your own website. They are assessing how transparently you report your progress and how easy it is for them to find the information about you that they are seeking.  

Both individuals and institutions seeking information about nonprofit organizations (NPO) are increasingly reliant on internet and social media resources, including the websites of specific NPOs and so-called “charity watchdogs” (e.g. Charity Navigator, GuideStar), to help them make or validate giving decisions.   

Many nonprofit leaders view the watchdogs as a nuisance or even harmful. Unfortunately, they may choose to ignore them and their potential influence on current and potential donors.  We believe you do so at your own peril. The plain truth is that these rating organizations may already be affecting your ability to raise the revenue you need to support and grow your mission whether you choose to engage with them or not.. 

MASST's proprietary Charity Watchdog Review provides an economical way to understand and take ownership of your Charity Watchdog Profile to enhance your online presence and increase the likelihood that donors will choose to support your mission. 

Why engage MASST to conduct a Watchdog Review?
  • Optimize your Watchdog Profile to increase donor support
  • Test your Watchdog IQ.  Know and understand how the raters and their followers are evaluating you 
  • Protect and grow your donor base
  • Increased competition for funding in a progressively more competitive and globalized marketplace
  • Increased donor reliance on charity watchdogs to validate giving decisions
  • Online giving is growing 3 times faster than overall giving (Blackbaud Index)

What we do / deliver to you
  • Review and evaluate your profile on the watchdog sites
  • Analyze your IRS 990 filing and your website for key accountability & transparency, and results reporting elements
  • Proprietary/predictive Charity Navigator Report Card (all 39 elements, including new Results Reporting)
  • Customized Watchdog Report with steps you can take immediately to bolster your Watchdog Profile:
    • Includes easy steps to earn GuideStar Gold Exchange Seal and 5 stars on GuideStar and Great Nonprofits
    • Free online resources to bolster your Watchdog Profile
  • Live / In-person or remote (depending on location) Watchdog consultation