Connecting People, Purpose, Performance

MASST utilizes a six  stage process to tackle your challenges and new initiatives either at an organizational level or on a more targeted / limited scale.  This process, which we call Connecting People, Purpose, Performance (CPPP) employs a classical gap / needs analysis and a straightforward process to prioritize and lay out a realistic implementation plan.  Some organizations will 
require all six stages. Others may only need some of the components.  So, at the beginning of every engagement, we assess the organization's needs and agree upfront about what's needed and what MASST's role will be.  Most engagements start at either Stage 1 or Stage 2. MASST's participation varies,based on your particular needs and preferences.  In some cases, a very hands-on approach is desirable.  In other cases project oversight and coaching may be all that is needed.  Frankly, it's easier to describe in person so we hope you'll give us a call or send us an email to engage in a brief discussion to decide if our CPPP approach may have value for your organization. 
Assess / Evaluate / Measure the Gaps

1. Desired State (As-Is) what does success look like?
2. Current State (To-Be) what's working; what isn't?
3. Where are the gaps?  

Note:  At every point in this gap analysis process we explore measurement.  What is or can be measured? How? What would you change if you could?
Prioritize / Plan & Implement / Evaluate

4. Select & Prioritize (what to work on)
5. Plan & Implement (realistic; costs & resources)
6. Assess, Evaluate & Respond (adjustments may be needed)

Note: Successful plans require ongoing, evaluation and possibly adjustments.  Clear, transparent project updates are essential to keep everyone informed and avoid unpleasant surprises.